Why is a Mouse in Your Manchaca, TX House a Problem? Mice are Destructive, Can Spread Disease & More

Seeing a mouse running across the floor in front of you can send you jumping for a chair. The fear that these tiny, furry critters incite is interesting but not at all shocking. They are a pest that people do NOT want to see around their home and definitely not in it. For good reason too! They are an issue for homeowners in many different areas. A-Tex Pest Management outlines why you definitely don’t want to share your home with mice this winter.

Mice are Destructive

One area that causes people concern that they are in their home is the fact that they are destructive! They will get in the walls, attic and crawl space pulling whatever they want looking for things to build their nest. They are happy to chew through your electrical wires, insulation and even bits of wood to get what they want. This can lead to costly repairs that will need to be done to keep your home safe from a potential fire hazard. The other area of concern when dealing with a rodent such as a mouse is the health concerns.

Mice Can Spread Diseases to Humans

Mice are a pest that does carry diseases that can be transferred to you and your loved ones simply by their presence in your home. They carry disease and bacteria that you can come across when you touch and use the counter it was walking across. Their fur and feces has led to many people to have trouble with their asthma and allergies. The last concern that we will discuss is the smell that they bring! They are not a clean pest and will leave their droppings and urine any and everywhere. After some time you will start to notice a musty aroma in your home. It is best to know what you are dealing with and how to best treat for these little critters.

Should I Be More Worried About House Mice or a Deer Mouse?

There are really two main types of mice that get in and invade homes. They are both found in homes and they are equally as damaging. The first mouse that you might find running around your home is the house mouse. The name is fitting but that is not the only place they can be found. They can vary in color from a light brown all the way to black but they all have the same white underbelly. They also have larger ears that have fur on them and they can reach about seven inches with the tail included. They have small black eyes that protrude from the sides of the head. The other mouse to be concerned about is the deer mouse. They are different in their color pattern having a multi colored body with white feet and underbelly.

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When it comes to mice they are moistly looking for a comfortable place to live and nest. The secondarily are looking for food to eat as well. If you want to keep them out of your house pest prevention services as well as keeping your home sealed and food cleaned up. A-Tex Pest Management offers treatments to take care of mice in your home or business. Call us today!

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