Grackle Control

Grackles are often found in large flocks and because of this, can cause a lot of damage. They are a huge problem here in Texas, and should be dealt with in order to avoid damage and health risks that seem to follow their flocks wherever they go. A-Tex Pest Management is here to share some tips to control grackles to help our customers avoid damage caused by these nuisance birds.

Food Sources Attract Grackles

Grackles usually become a problem when they can find a food source on your property. They often attack crops, but will also gather in urban areas where food sources are found in abundance. They enjoy eating fruit, seeds and grains as well as insects, small fish and lizards, and human food too.

How to Scare & Keep Away Grackles

Here are some tips to help you avoid grackle problems.
Eliminate Roosting Areas– Block them from rafters and beams as well as removing old, dead trees from your property. These offer the perfect environment for grackle roosting.
Remove Food Sources– Get rid of bird feeders as well as covering your garden with nets to keep grackles from eating your crops. Don’t leave food out after outdoor dining and cover trash cans with tight fitting lids to keep grackles out of them.
Scare Tactics– Grackles will alert their flocks when they sense danger. Having deterrents in problem areas can help keep them away. This may include fake hawks, reflective objects, reflective eye diverters and predator eye balloons.

Grackle Bird Inspections, Control, Removal & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you find you have a grackle problem you can’t seem to get under control, the professionals at A-Tex Pest Management have years of experience in dealing with control of these nuisance birds, and we can help you get rid of them today! Contact us today!

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