Are Scorpions Out in Fall in Lost Creek, TX? How to Keep Scorpion Infestations Out with Home Pest Sealing & More

Scorpions are a nasty intruder to your home or yard. Their sting can cause the most reluctant potty mouth to produce a string of profanities. With little ones in your home, or family pets that you care for, protecting them from these fierce little pests can be challenging. Scorpions are very resilient. After the U.S.…

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Halloween Creepy Crawlers in Hudson Bend, TX; How to Get Rid of Rats, Bats, Spiders, Bed Bugs & Other Fall Pests

At Halloween, people everywhere are looking for ways to turn their home into a creepy haunted house. Maybe that’s not totally true, but many people purchase décor that appeals to the trick or treaters that visit their home on Halloween night. There are a number pests that can truly turn your home into a haunted…

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