Greater Austin Texas Native Black Roof Rats in Pflugerville TX; Rodent Pest Inspections, Prevention & Control

The locals in Greater Austin, TX have been inflicted with a new pest problem, which can pose a greater threat than termites, and that is roof rats. Roof rats are native to Texas and they generally stick to the rural areas, but with increased weather changes, roof rats have been driven into the cities intruding…

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When Do Termites Swarm to Build New Termite Colonies in Leander & Greater Austin Texas? Spring Termite Pest Infestation Inspections, Removal & Prevention

Termites are Swarming in Austin Texas this Spring Spring weather provides an excellent environment for many insects to thrive and multiply. One of the most prevalent insects to hit Austin this spring will be the termite. Termites cause more damage to homes every year than any other insect and many homeowners are unaware they even…

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Zika Virus News; Are Genetically Modified Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes Supposed to Control Mosquito Populations Actually Contributing to Public Health Emergencies?

What Could Have Caused The Zika Virus Outbreak? Recently, one of the most talked about disease outbreaks is the Zika Virus. The virus is not a new disease as it has been known to exist since about 1947. However, it has not made its presence known in the United States until about May of 2015.…

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