Cost & Benefits of Hiring Professional Pest Control Technicians in Pflugerville TX with the Right Products, Supplies, Equipment, Knowledge & Experience

If you have ever come downstairs in the night and ran into a critter running across the floor then you have probably thought about pest control. Pests change throughout the year depending in the type of weather that is in your area. There are lots of pests that are strictly a nuisance and most people…

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Tips On Keeping Pests Out of Your Leander TX House; Sealing to Block Access, Cleaning Up to Prevent Harborage & Professional Pest Control

During these colder months, many species of insects and wildlife critters are looking for a warm place to hunker down. Your home is the perfect refuge if not properly fortified. No one in particular appreciates having a run in with a creepy crawly, especially the venomous sort or the disease carriers. A-Tex Pest Management would…

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How to Get Rid of Common Brown Norway Rats: Helpful Rodent Control Facts, Habitat & Prevention Tips in Pflugerville TX

What is a Norway rat and should I be concerned? This is a commonly asked question received by the knowledgeable customer service representatives at A-Tex Pest Management especially during the fall of the year. Norway Rats, scientific name, Rattus norvegicus are actively searching for shelter inside homes and commercial buildings in Austin Texas and the…

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