TX Rats Carrying Fleas with Murine Typhus; Contagious Symptoms, Treatment & Epidemiology in Austin Texas

There is a fair percentage of people roaming the world that get absolutely terrified of these little fuzzy pests. We are referring to rats in this case. It isn’t because of the “it’s so ugly it’s adorable” faces, or the quick scurry movements they manage. It’s generally because we know that when cornered and scared,…

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Commercial Restaurant Pest Management; Fly, Cockroach & Rodent Control in Austin Food Businesses

Cockroaches are unfortunately a common problem that restaurant owners are constantly battling against. A restaurant provides a perfect environment for roaches and other pests such as flies and rodents to survive. Food, moisture, heat and shelter are readily available within the walls of a restaurant and make a cozy home for pests and rodents. As…

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