Field Cricket Infestation Control

Throughout the Greater Austin, Texas area, A-Tex Pest Management is readily available to cater to commercial and residential property owners with their pest control needs. Being fully licensed and insured, our technicians have ongoing training, experience in the field, and remarkable skills. We enjoy helping our valuable customers with their custom pest control, whether it is to cleanse an infestation or establish management to hinder future pests. With friendly customer service, traditional values and superior execution, you will come to depend on A-Tex Pest Management for all of your pest control needs. We use high-end products and equipment exclusively to ensure our customers receive nothing less than exceptional results.

Field Cricket Identification

A-Tex Pest Management knows about the different species of crickets that infest commercial and residential homes, buildings, and grounds of Austin, Texas including field crickets. Crickets in general, are a real nuisance in late summer and early fall when the adults seemingly surround homes and businesses. These crickets range from dark brown to black in color and average 1” in length and most have well-developed wings with large hind legs they use for incredible jumping capabilities. These little crickets are equipped with long and slender antennae.

Field Cricket Damage

Field crickets will feed on nearly anything and are often caught damaging cultivated crops such as alfalfa, strawberries, and cotton among others. If they make it into buildings they will often damage different types of fabrics as well as wood, plastic, rubber or leather products. While field crickets can bite, fortunately it is very rare.

Cricket Inspections, Control & Removal in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

Along with their chirping all through the night and the destruction they can potentially do, it is enough to call in the experts of A-Tex Pest Management when you have field crickets terrorizing your Austin, Texas home or business.

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