What Attracts Pigeons & How to Solve Pigeon Problems in Manchaca, TX; Diseases from Droppings & More

Wildlife can be quite a nuisance. Damage to homes or business buildings, messes in garbage cans or landscapes, the possibilities are endless. The pests that come with fur or feathers are equally as important to eradicate as the insect sorts. We at A-Tex Pest Management would like to offer some tips and advice and facts…

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Pest Control Guidelines for Food Industry in Briarcliff, TX; Proper Garbage Management, Sealing Cracks & More

If you work in the food service business, you know how important pest control is. It can be what makes or breaks your business. If customers feel like their food is contaminated by pests, it can do irreparable damage to your business. A-Tex Pest Management is here to talk about some common pests food service…

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How to Prevent Your House Becoming Scorpion Infested in Lost Creek, TX; Identification, Home Pest Sealing & More

For many, scorpions are terrifying. Unfortunately, here is Las Vegas, they are a common guest in many homes. These pests pack a punch when they sting and hide out in the most discreet places. The most commonly found scorpion throughout the state of Texas is the striped bark scorpion. A-Tex Pest Management is here to…

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