What Pests To Look For When Buying A New Home in Wells Branch, TX; Ants, Cockroaches & Rodents

If you are ready to move and have bought or rented out a new house you want to be sure that the home is ready to move in. Most people check out the major things like the power is on and working and the water is running as well as checking the appliances and other necessities. One part that is overlooked is what pests might be hiding around the house. You cannot be sure that the previous owner was responsible and had the home treated on a regular basis. If they did not keep up on the pest control needs then you could have a serious problem. The best thing to do is to know what to look out for and also have the home treated before you move any of your belongings in the house. This will stop an infestation from getting worse and potentially infesting your items as well. A-Tex Pest Management lists the most common pests to watch out for when you move into a new home.

Should You Buy a House with Ants

If the home has been sitting for some time many pests take that as an invitation to come on in and set up shop. One of the pests that are sure to find something worth coming in over are ants. Ants are tiny and can fit through the smallest of gaps in search of food for the colony. You may even find ants in the upper stories of your home since they are great climbers and are willing to go quiet far to get what they want. All though most species of ants will feed on the crumbs of food they find there are other ants that will actually chew through the wood and cause structural damage.

Avoid Buying a House with a Mouse or Rat Infestation

One of the worst pests to find in your new home are rodents of any kind. The most common rodent found in homes are rats and especially mice. They will come in and find a space in the walls, attic or crawl space to set up a nest. They will use what they can find for the nest including insulation and wires that are running through the walls. Most mice and rats will stay hidden and they are hard to determine you have them. If the infestation is bad you can start to smell an odor that is associated with mice and rats. You can look for chewed boxes and check for urine stains around the house.

Cockroaches in New House

Another problem that people tend to find when they move into a new home is with cockroaches. They are a terrible pest to find and can infest a home quiet quickly. They don’t need much to eat and will feed on small crumbs that are left behind by the previous owner. They also like a nice moist place to live that is not being occupied by people so a house that has been sitting a while is a great stop.

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