Rodent Infestation Control in Garfield, TX; How to Prevent & Get Rid of Mice & Rats in Your Home & Yard

There are many types of rodents in Greater Austin, Texas and the battle is constantly on going against them. Rats and mice always find their way into our homes and especially during the colder seasons. Rodent control comes with constant efforts and proper control techniques. A-Tex Pest Management will talk about how you can prevent and control rodents from infesting your home.

How to Get Rid of Mice & Rats Outdoors in Your Yard

All rodent control starts with cleaning up outside and inside your home. Outside should be cleared of clutter and debris. Fire wood stacks should be stored as far away from your home as possible. Clutter, fire woods stacks, and yard debris can be a place to breed, shelter, and feed rodents. If you have areas for rodent populations to explode they will then enter into your home. Keeping fewer places for rodents to populate will greatly decrease rodent populations and the chances of them coming into your home. Also keep trash cans sealed. Regardless how clean your outside yards are, exposed trash provides plenty of food. Repair all leaking pipes around your property to remove a water source for rodents and pests alike. Search for cracks and openings where rodents can climb in. Remember rodents—especially mice—have the ability to flatten their bodies and slip through the tightest of cracks. Seal with caulking glue to prevent rodents form coming into your home.

How to Prevent a Rodent Infestation in Your Home

Next is preparing the inside of the home. Much like the outside, you will need to clear away all the clutter in your home. Areas with foods in them such as the kitchen and pantry need to be cleaned. Make sure there is no open food around and seal all in an air tight container. Look for signs of a rodent intrusion. Chewed wires, dirty smudge marks on the walls and feces are such signs. In places where there are signs of rodent activity, you will need to place baits and traps. You will find baits that will poison and kill rodents and traps that can kill or capture live rodents for removal. You can chose which way you prefer to control your rodent problem. You will want to consult with a pest control company even if you believe you only have a minor rodent problem. Most times, a rodent invasion is too great to try and deal with it yourself. Dealing with a rat or mice infestation can take time to correct. You will also need to clean up feces that may be carrying diseases. This must be done carefully as you don’t want to create an airborne virus. Don’t sweep up feces ever! If you find a major dumping site, you will want to spray it with bleach first and let it sit for 30 min. Then vacuum up the droppings to prevent any diseases form becoming airborne.

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Dealing with mice or rats can be a dirty job, and it is never easy. The key is not to allow a major infestation to occur. Prevent feeding and breeding sites around your home. Regardless how clean you may keep your home, the smell of cooking food and warmth will still draw them into your home. Keeping a routine pest control program will help keep your home free of pests. A-Tex Pest Management can help you battle against rodents. Call us if you are having a pest infestation and we will gladly help you.

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