Bald Faced Hornet Colony & Nest Removal

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Aggressive Bald Faced Hornets Stings

A-Tex Pest Management includes bald faced hornets in our stinging pest control service. Bald faced hornets are more similar to yellow jackets than hornets. They are mostly black in color and have white marked faces. They are larger than the majority of yellow jackets and are most active during the daylight hours. Bald faced hornets tend to construct their nests derived of paper in aerial settings like in trees and overhangs. Larvae eat insects or carrion, while the adults stick to sugary liquids such as juices and nectar. Bald faced hornets are aggressive stinging insect pests. They are known for their large size and painful stings. If you suspect a bald faced hornet nest on your property, it is important to contact a licensed pest control company like A-Tex Pest Management. Attempting to remove it on your own is dangerous as this can easily aggravate the colony and cause the bald faced hornets to sting. Bald faced hornets typically live in colonies that contain between 100 and 400 members! Contact a licensed pest management professional about hornet removal to avoid the risk of bald-faced hornet stings.

Hornet Nest Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you have bald faced hornets around your commercial and residential property in the Greater Austin, Texas area, contact A-Tex Pest Management today and let our trained experts safely remove the stinging insects and nest.

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