Carpet & Fabric Eating Insects, Pantry Beetles (Cigarette, Drugstore etc) & Weevils (Rice, Granary etc) Found in Cedar Park, TX

If you live in the state of Texas you have probably already experienced fabric and pantry beetles in your home or business. While many of these pests are considered a nuisance, others still are capable of causing a great deal of damage to food, home furnishings and personal items. Some beetles prefer to feast primarily…

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Signs of Raccoons in Your Pflugerville, TX House & Yard; Paw Prints, Poop, Trash, Calling Sounds, Scratch Marks & More

Raccoons are cute little masked bandits that will rummage through trash cans late at night. They are one of the most adaptive animals in the world and are capable of causing lots of damage to your property. They measure about 3 feet long with their 12-inch bushy ringed tail. They have a hunched appearance as…

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Pest Prevention & Control Tips for Anthropods, Arachnids, Insects & Rodents; Pest Inspections, Cleanup in Leander, TX

Rats the size of German Shepherds and scorpions large enough to kill with simple impalement, let alone venom injection. Spiders big enough to intimidate King Kong, centipedes the size of lobsters; pests can seem larger than life to small children. And pets and children are at risk if the infestation is extensive. With these kinds…

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