Centipede Infestation Control

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Facts About Centipedes

A-Tex Pest Management is happy to take care of the centipede infestations inflicting your commercial or residential property in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. ‘Centipede’which translates to 100 legs is inaccurate. Depending on the species, centipedes have anywhere between 15-177 pairs of legs. With elongated, flat, segmented bodies that contain a pair of legs per segment, centipedes can be found in several colors and patterns but are generally are brown and reddish orange. Size also varies, depending species. Centipedes are fast runners! Outside, they live under stones, rotted logs, leaves and bark. Inside, they are most often found in closets and bathrooms with high humidity. Their heads have a pair of long and sensitive antennae and feature a small mouth with large, claw-like structures that contain a venom gland. Most centipedes are carnivorous and look for food at night. They use their claws to paralyze their victims, such as worms, spiders and small vertebrates. Never attempt to touch a centipede! Centipedes may bite when be handled, causing severe pain, numbness, discoloration and inflammation.

Centipede Infestation Inspections & Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you have noticed a centipede problem in your Austin, Texas home or business contact A-Tex Pest Management today and let our experts get rid of them.

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