Cockroach Control

The quicker you take action against invading cockroaches, the sooner they can be eradicated before large populations invade your home or property. Unfortunately, the glimpse of just one roach probably means that a large family of the species is living inside or close to your property. Cockroaches eat our food, destroy our wallpaper and books and also chew our electronics. While cockroaches enjoy living around stagnant water, they are very resilient and can live without water for a week! They are known to spread bacteria and infection to humans. A-Tex Pest Management can solve your cockroach problems!

Cockroach Prevention

Prevention is much better than a cure. Beginning with your kitchen area, A-Tex Pest Management will discuss how regular cleaning of your property can prevent cockroach infestations. Routine sweeping and wiping of counters can go along way in cockroach prevention. Removal of grease is also advised as this is an attractant and favorite location for various cockroach species. Cockroaches prefer warm areas and also enjoy garbage and wood around your property. We recommend removing any collections of grass clipping, leaves and other organic debris from around your property.

Cockroach Treatment

A-Tex Pest Management will flush cockroaches out from the cracks and crevices they love to hide and bring them out into the open where a variety of methods can be used for effective cockroach control. After the cockroach removal, our professional experts will suggest a regular treatment to prevent the return of future cockroach infestations. If you see just one cockroach in your Austin home or business, call A-Tex Pest Management right away as there are sure to be many more lurking behind the scenes.

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