Some spiders are beneficial around your garden as they eat mosquitoes and other annoying insects. However, there are some spiders found locally in Austin that are particularly dangerous. A-Tex Pest Management offers professional spider control and spider treatments that are necessary to eradicate them from your home or business.

Guaranteed Spider Removal

Our hometown spider control technicians at A-Tex Pest Management can easily identify the difference between nonvenomous and venomous spiders. We readily remove all venomous spiders from your property, but advise leaving nonvenomous spiders outside of your home to carry on their hard work.

Painful Spider Bites

The annoyance of a spider web is unfortunately nothing compared to a painful spider bite. This bite can range from between being as sharp as a bee sting to as dangerous as a life threatening injury that must be immediately treated by the emergency services at your local hospital. This is especially true where young, elderly or sick people are bitten.

Spider Protection and Prevention

Spider treatment in the Greater Austin area will differ slightly from other parts of the country because you may encounter harmful black widow spiders or brown recluse spiders; both of which you should avoid wherever possible. The first means of spider prevention is to reduce and eradicate the spider’s food supply. Once you eliminate other insects from your property, the spiders will have to look elsewhere for their food. A-Tex Pest Management will guide you on how to keep all areas of your home clean; specifically those areas that you visit less often, such as crawl spaces and attics.

Spider Control

Regular spider control services by A-Tex Pest Management will form an exterior barrier around your property. We take your local environment into consideration, including any landscaping and water areas around your home. Our custom pest control solutions will ensure that other insects also stay away from your property, which will reduce the opportunity for spiders to search your home for food.

Know your Local Spiders

Black widow spiders – have a red hourglass shape on their abdomen. They prefer to stay low to the ground and are commonly found making their webs near firewood, eaves and boxes to hide from danger. They can therefore accidently be bought inside your home quite easily. A black widow bite can be severe and painful.
Brown recluse spiders – tan to dark brown in color. They live in groups close to the ground in undisturbed, dark areas where they can nest and trap prey. They are usually less than half an inch in length and have long thin legs and fine hairs. A bite from a brown recluse may not be seen or felt until the pain sets in a few hours later.
Long-bodied cellar spiders – pale yellow to light brown or gray in color and found in dark and damp places. They are commonly referred to as “daddy long legs” because of their long, thin legs.
House spiders – mostly yellowish brown with a white abdomen and several dark spots or stripes. Most often encountered indoors, house spider’s webs make them a nuisance pest.
Jumping spiders – usually black but sometimes brown, tan or gray and usually with pale markings. Named after their habit of jumping to capture prey. They look a lot like black widow spiders and are occasional invaders in homes. Unlike most spiders, they are active during the daytime. They can bite.

If you see even one spider in your Austin home, you should call A-Tex Pest Management right away as it is easy to mistake a dangerous spider for a harmless one and as outlined about – some spiders live in groups and so you cannot assume that the spider you see is the only one residing in your home!

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