Skunks are most known for being a nuisance because of their digging and foul odor but they also carry dangerous diseases and viruses including rabies! Once a skunk sprays, it can take a lot of work to get rid of the awful smell. It is potent and long lasting and can even cause temporary blindness. A skunk’s ability to spray such a foul odor over ten feet, therefore makes them somewhat difficult to trap and remove without gagging! Trapping a skunk or trying to capture a skunk yourself should be avoided at all costs. A-Tex Pest Management are experienced in skunk control and removal.

Skunk Habits

Skunks are common in suburban Austin cities. They den under decks, porches, beneath buildings, and in crawlspaces and sheds. Skunks are also great climbers and can enter your home or business through rather small holes and once inside will create nests which means lots of feces and urine as well as stubborn stains and awful smells. There is a serious cause for concern when skunks take up residence in your city home because they are primary carriers of rabies; a viral disease transmitted by the bite of an infected animal.

A-Tex Pest Management knows that skunks are usually only active at night and can therefore go unseen for quite a long time. The first sign you have a skunk on your property is usually a barking dog alerting you to their presence and if the barking dog goes head to head with a skunk, the dog will most likely get sprayed. The odor of which will provide positive confirmation! If skunks are repeatedly traveling through your yard, you will often detect a faint skunk odor, even if the skunk hasn’t deliberately sprayed while on your property.

Skunk Protection and Prevention

A-Tex Pest Management have the tools and knowledge necessary to solve your skunk problems. Our pest technicians are trained in skunk control, trapping and removal as well as cleanup and repairs of existing damage and prevention of future skunk damage. Call us for all of your Austin wildlife problems!

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