How Do I Know if I have a Tick-Borne Illness in Bee Cave, TX? Fever, Chills, Rash, Aches, Pains & More

It’s no secret that ticks carry several different illnesses that can have a great negative impact on your life. Of course the best way to keep yourself safe from tickborne illnesses is avoiding ticks all together, but sometimes, you may fall victim to tick bites even when you are trying your best to avoid them.…

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What Insects have Stingers in Plugerville, TX? Honey Bees, Papers Wasps, Yellowjackets, Hornets & More

Stinging insects are a concern every summer. They send over 500,000 people to the ER annually, and cause serious problems to those that are allergic. Some of these insects can sting multiple times without dying and pose an even larger risk to humans. Needless to say, if you have a problem with any stinging insects…

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