Flea Control Services

Throughout Greater Austin, Texas, locals have come to count on A-Tex Pest Management for their pest control needs. Benefiting the commercial businesses and residential homes alike, our experienced and certified technicians have been a reliable source in providing excellent customer service and premium pest control to our valued customers. Being fully insured and licensed, A-Tex Pest Management offers pest management services to bother commercial businesses and residential homes to give superior pest control services.

Flea Infestations

As many seasoned Texans know, fleas can be a real problem in the area, as most species of fleas prefer the warm humid climate. Fleas do not like direct sunlight and usually seek shaded are dark areas. Fleas do not fly, but feature strong spring-like legs that they can leap their flat bodies several inches high. Fleas are generally black or a brownish black in color. Fleas are able to go months without a bloody feast, and will hibernate until they detect carbon dioxide, which alarms them that an available host is in the proximity. Moving into newly vacant homes can mean inheriting a flea infestation, as they are very tiny and hard to spot initially. If you are moving into a new home, it is beneficial to have a skilled technician from A-Tex Pest Management treat your new Greater Austin, Texas home and yard for flea control to avoid any issues.

Flea Life Cycle

Generally, most types of species of fleas have four life cycles; eggs to larva to pupa to adult. After the larvae have hatched from an egg, it will consume the fecal matter of the adults that contain remnants of blood until they reach the pupa stage. At the pupa stage, they will find their first host. There are approximately 1500 species of fleas found around the world, 95% of them feed on mammals, where the other 5% feast upon birds. Fleas are not picky, they will leach the blood of rodents, other wild animals as well as domestic animals such as cats and dogs. If given the opportunity, fleas will also consume the blood of humans. Fortunately, with the pros from A-Tex Pest Management servicing the Greater Austin, Texas locals, we can treat your home and yard for fleas to exterminate any infestations, or even hinder their approach.

How to Get Rid of Cat Fleas

Throughout Texas homes, cat fleas are the most common fleas that often become a problem when your pets, usually cat or dog, unknowingly invite them in. Keep in mind however, that fleas can easily be brought in by hitching a ride on the bottom of your shoes or pants. For the bloody consumption, their preferred hosts are cats. They will dabble with dining on dogs, and will settle on human blood if a more desirable host isn’t an option.

Flea Diseases in Humans

Fleas not only cause excessive itching and irritate the skin, but they can potentially spread diseases. Typhus, plague Lyme disease, tapeworm and other flea-borne illnesses to your pet or you. If you suspect fleas in the slightest, you need A-Tex Pest Management defending your home and loved ones from their bloodlust!

Flea Inspections, Control, Treatment, Removal in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park Texas

With A-Tex Pest Management, your Greater Austin, Texas home is in reliable hands. Since 2002, our talented technicians have treated residential homes against fleas. Exterminating flea infestations and providing maintenance to keep the fleas at bay. Call us today to get started on your flea problem.

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