Merchant Grain Beetle Control

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How to Get Rid of Merchant Grain Beetles

A-Tex Pest Management is well informed when it comes to pantry pests found in Greater Austin Texas homes and businesses, including the Merchant Grain Beetle. These insects have the basic six legs and antennae, dark brown in color and measuring 1/8” long, they have flat narrow oval-shaped bodies. Merchant grain beetles generally are not found infesting grain products but will spotted infesting cereals, cake mixes, cookies, chocolates, and noodles found in the pantry. These beetles have six saw-like teeth on each side of their bodies. Merchant grain beetles unique shape gives them the advantage to crawl into the various food packaging where they eat the contents, live, and reproduce. Merchant grain beetles can infest stored food products and contaminate food. If they are found infesting any of your dry foods, toss them out right away. Periodically wiping up spilled food can also help prevent merchant grain beetles and other pests from infesting your kitchen.

Merchant Grain Beetle Identification, Signs, Bites & Pest Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you believe you have an infestation of merchant grain beetles, contact A-Tex Pest Management and let our experienced technicians take care of the pantry pests.

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