Rodents & Wildlife

Austin Wild Animals

Wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, possums and rodents abound in our Greater Austin urban environment and are very opportunistic. Open trash cans as well as pet food bowls and water dishes offer plenty of water and food sources for wild animals. They tend to reside nearby and raise their families in attics, garages and, debris around your home. In addition to causing extensive physical damage to insulation, wood and electrical wires, wild animals defecate where they please and pose a risk to your family and pets. Wild animals not only bite and scratch when threatened and spread harmful bacteria but they are also the vectors for fleas, pests and parasites that spread dangerous diseases and viruses to humans.

Comprehensive Wildlife Services

Removing wild animals is very important; but even more so is determining how they entered you home in the first place. A-Tex Pest Management not only removes nuisance and dangerous pests from your property, cleans up the mess they leave behind and repairs resulting wildlife damage but we also offer wildlife exclusion to block these entry points. We start with a thorough inspection to locate all access points. We then either scare the wild animals out with sonic machines and high intensity strobe lights or trap with live catch traps and then remove and relocate them far from your property.

Wildlife Damage Repair

After we remove unwanted wildlife from your property, A-Tex Pest Management offers attic restoration, wall insulation replacement, soffit repair, fascia board replacement, roof repair, vent replacement as well as ceiling and wall repair.

Wildlife Exclusion

Wildlife exclusion or wildlife proofing refers to sealing up any access and entry points that wildlife may be using to enter your home and property. It may be the only permanent solution to a nuisance wildlife problem. It includes proactive screening of vents, installation of chimney caps and closing of entry holes. This remedies reduce the opportunity for future wildlife invasions.

Wildlife Prevention

To help our valued clients prevent wildlife invasions, our integrated pest management system includes customer education habitat modification. A-Tex Pest Management would like to offer the following helpful tips:

  • Ensure outside trash cans are closed and sealed
  • Regular inspections
  • Do not overfeed your pets and bring uneaten pet food inside overnight
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed away from your structures

If you see or hear a rodent or wild animal on your property, call A-Tex Pest Management to deal with it promptly and professionally.

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