Pigeon Bird Control

Pigeons are a real nuisance and really know how to make a mess. This mess is not just unsightly; pigeons and other pest birds such as starlings and house sparrows can harbor dangerous parasites and infectious diseases that are spread by dried bird droppings. They also harbor other dangerous pests such as ticks, fleas and mites that also transmit disease. A-Tex Pest Management has the solution to all of your pigeon problems, both residential and commercial. We can clean up mess, stop the noise and remove those unwanted, disease spreading pigeons for good.

Pigeon Prevention and Protection

At A-Tex Pest Management we start by conducting a full inspection. We look at where the structure is affected, nesting and roosting areas as well as potential problem areas. We remove pigeons, place deterrents at harborage sites and prevent pigeons from coming back to your home or business.

We can reduce or even avoid pigeon problems altogether with several control and prevention products including netting, screening, mesh, bird wire, angled corners and spikes. A-Tex Pest Management is experienced with installing these products as well as trapping and poisoning to control pigeons in and around urban structures. After a thorough inspection by one of our experienced pest technicians, all options will be set out for your consideration in deciding what level of control and what procedure will best suit your specific situation. Call A-Tex Pest Management today for a free quote.

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