Termite Control

Our termite control specialists at A-Tex Pest Management provide protection from termite infestations. No building is safe from hungry termites. Even buildings with steel framing and masonry walls are targets and termites will work past these surfaces to get to the wooden doors, window frames, cabinets and shelving within. Termites feed on wood 24/7 without ever taking a day off. Unfortunately, interior termite damage may not be apparent until termite infestations are full blown. Subterranean termites travel through mud tunnels located near the foundation of infested homes.

How Termites Invade Your Home

Termites will build mud shelter tubes up from a foundation or across other surfaces to gain access to wood. Any building, not matter whether it is constructed with a slab, basement or crawl space foundation are targets for termites. They can find their way into a structure through an opening as small as 1/32 of an inch. They will enter through cracks, expansion joints, concrete blocks and hollow bricks etc.

Termite Inspections and Treatment

Detecting and controlling termites is a job for termite control experts like A-Tex Pest Management. A thorough inspection by our one of our certified technicians is the first and most important step in protecting your property from damaging termites. We know just where to look to locate the specific areas in your structure where a termite attack is likely to occur. If termites are found, we will design a custom treatment plan for your residence that will control any current infestation and keep them from coming back. Contact A-Tex Pest Management to schedule an inspection today.

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