Removing Skunk Odor from Your Home & Yard in Bee Cave, TX; How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Humans & Pets

If you have ever experienced getting sprayed by a skunk, you know why the smell has been compared to strong smells like tear gas. This defense mechanism that skunks have built into their bodies can leave you with their lingering presence for what seems like months. Getting rid of this smell is no joke. That’s…

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How to Get Rid of Aggressive Social Wasps in Pflugerville, TX & Avoid Yellow Jacket, Hornet & Paper Wasp Stings

The sting from a wasp or hornet is painful and can even be dangerous for those individuals who suffer allergic reactions. Finding wasps around your property may be an unwelcome sight but it is important to understand that not all stinging insects pose a threat to humans. In fact many varieties are beneficial to the…

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