How to Tell You Have a Pest Infestation in Serenada, TX; Mouse Droppings, Cockroach Odor, Insects Larvae & More

When you are dealing with pests there are times that you see one or two and that seems to be it. This is sometimes true when you are talking about spiders that generally live alone. If you see one or two of many other pests is likely means that you have a pest problem. The fact is that most pests are not wanting to be out and about in the day time and where people are. They are scared of people and know that keeping hidden is the best way to stay alive. That is why if you start to see a few around the house there are likely more you don’t see. One thing that people need to understand is that avoiding a problem and preventing a pest issue is the best method. You also should know how bad your issue is and if you have gone so far as to have an actual infestation. The infestation is when the issue has been left untreated and they have gotten so bad that they are now reproducing and staying. There are things that you can look for to determine if you have an infestation. A-Tex Pest Management has how you can tell that you have an infestation in your house.

Watch For Mouse & Pest Droppings

When you have a small pest problem you are likely not going to notice that there are droppings around your house. They don’t have a large enough presence to make it known in feces. When you have a pest issue that has become an infestation you are going to start noticing that there are droppings left around the house. Dropping are most commonly found in the corners of rooms where they feel the most protected. They also might be leaving them around areas that they are using to feed. This might be in the cupboards where they are getting food to sustain the group. The dropping can be larger pieces like from a mouse or tiny black dots around the corners of the rooms from cockroaches. If you see that you have droppings that are collecting you want to have your home treated because it is a sign that there is an infestation.

Bug, Cockroach or Other Pest Odor

When it comes to pests most of them don’t leave a distinguishing smell that you can pinpoint in your home. When you have an infestation you might start to see that your home has an odor that you are not happy about. The odor that some pests leave can be musty or oily smelling. It can also be an odor that smells moldy that is from the infestation creating a moist area that they are densely populated in. You want to make sure that if you notice an odor in the house you have it treated professionally.

Insect Eggs Or Larvae

The other thing that you want to think about is how many generations that are in your house. This is a way to determine if you have an infestation. If you are seeing adults only of any pest you are not usually at an infestation. If you are starting to see larvae or eggs around the house you are starting a new generation that means that you have an infestation.

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