The best pest control company I have ever used! Great rates and they come out as soon as possible when I have a request! I just had a baby so I'm probably sending in tons of request and they respond super fast with no hassle what so ever! After working with them professionally through my job and personally, I've recommend them to several of my neighbors! This is the pest control company you need in your life! Hands down! Thank you A-Tex

Jennifer Q. Austin TX

We have been using A-TEX services for about a year, and have been very pleased. They are reliable, professional, and get successful results, without charging an unreasonable amount. We used to have little spiders (and their webs) throughout the house, but that problem has gone away. They also have helped keep the fire ants under control. Thanks A-TEX!

Dee T. Round Rock TX

A-Tex Pest Management was assigned to my home through my home warranty company after we noticed more than a few cockroaches (and really, 1 is too many). Jason was on time, professional and courteous. He sprayed the inside and outside of my home (which should have been an additional cost) and explained all of the different types of bugs/insects that would be killed as a result of his visit. Their plan for maintenance is affordable so I will likely sign up in a few months when the pesticide wears off. Would recommend!

Ashley M. Plfugerville TX

I have been impressed with A-Tex from the beginning with great customer service and wanting to earn your business. They are now servicing my business and home. Jason showed up on time and explained what he was going to do. Then review some problem areas he saw and what we can do to fix it. Thanks so much!

Sunnie F. Austin TX

Jason went above and beyond inspecting the entire premises when we called him out for ants. was very knowlegdable. He found signs of termites and removed some wasp nests without being asked. Great guy.

Justin P. Leander TX

My wife and I have been using A-Tex Pest Management and Termite company since we moved to Austin about six years ago. We were looking for a quality pest control company and our new neighbor referred us to A-Tex as that's who they used for their home and commercial pest control. They just couldn't say enough good things about their effective pest services. We called them for a complete pest inspection and they were able to offer the immediate ant control we needed and kept other pests at bay. Not long after we moved in, our daughter was given an old upholstered chair for her bedroom and soon after started waking up with bites on her arms and legs. We called out A-Tex for a bed bug inspection and unfortunately we were right. They started the bed bug control right away and helped us get rid of them. Other than that, we haven't seen many insects but whenever we do, we just point it out and they will do targeted cockroach control or raccoon removal on occasion. 5 gold stars for consistently outstanding results!

Brian M. Round Rock TX

I called A-Tex after a skunk sprayed under my house. The service was amazing. A-Tex came within hours of my call to help with my stinky problem. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, the humane manner in which the animals were treated, and the promptness in solving my issues. I would highly recommend A-Tex to anyone who is in need of there service.

Bill H. Austin TX

I use ATX pest control for preventative measures, they provide an excellent service, I personally deal with Richard and he has always been professional when recommending products and services to me. I would thoroughly recommend this company.

Jason D. Cedar Park TX

I found that A-Tex Pest Management Co is very professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. If the bugs are getting you down, I'd highly recommend that you contact A-Tex Pest Management to use their magic and expertise to eradicate them.

Chris N. Pflugerville TX

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