Honey Bee Relocation

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Honey Bees VS Wasps Identification

A-Tex Pest Management is available to our residential and commercial customers in the Greater Austin Texas area to assist with honey bee retrieval and relocation through stinging insect pest inspections and recommended course of action. Honey bees are important to the eco-system, and with their numbers dwindling, relocating the honey bees off your commercial or residential property is optimal. Honey bees measure in at approximately 19/32” and are light brown with yellow bands. They are not typically aggressive and will often hide when they feel predators are close by. They will often develop their hives with social behaviors in holes in trees or crevices in rocks. Honey bees can often be confused with wasps and homeowners can’t always identify which stinging insect they are dealing with. When you call A-Tex Pest Management, we will come out on site, determine what stinging insect is on your property, whether wasp or bee. If honey bees are confirmed, we recommend a local beekeeper to relocate them.

Honey Bee Inspection, Identification, Relocation By a Local Beekeeper & More in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you suspect honey bees are on your Austin, Texas commercial or residential property, contact A-Tex Pest Management!

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