Where Do Black Widow Spiders Live in Windemere, TX & How Long Do Bite Symptoms Last?

Black widows are venomous spiders that can be found indoors and outdoors throughout Texas. The black widow spider belongs to the genus Latrodectus. This genus includes 32 recognized species that can be found in every continent except Antarctica. Their venom has a neurotoxin in it called latrotoxin that will cause the condition latrodectism. Black Widow…

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Insects & Pests that Come Out or are Still a Problem in Fall & Winter in Round Rock, TX

Unlike Northern states in the U.S., Texas continues with temperate winters that prevent many pests from hibernating or looking for warm areas to hunker down until the colder months pass. Because of our slightly warmer climate, we deal with a variety of pests year round. Where some pests can be a nuisance outdoors, others indoors…

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