What Wild Animal is Making Scratching Noises in My Attic at Night in Pflugerville, TX?

The attic in your home is a great place to store your things. But it’s also a warm, quiet and very cozy place for pests to make a home and they’re not paying rent! Just who might these pests be and how can you evict them?

How to Tell what Kind of Animal is in My Attic

1. Rodents. Rodents love attics because there’s an ample supply of insulation they can use for bedding. Droppings are a sure sign that rodents have taken up residence in your attic. You may also notice chewed insulation, cardboard and wires. Openings will need to be sealed to keep them out. Start at the base of your home and work up. Once you’ve sealed any openings, you will need to use traps to eliminate them and any future breeding. Traps allow you to kill the rodents and dispose of them.
2. Squirrels. Squirrels are cute when you see them in your backyard, but in your attic, extremely annoying. They are noisy as they scamper in the walls and ceiling and make a chirping noise when they get agitated or feel threatened. You’ll know you’re dealing with squirrels if your inspection finds piles of nuts and seeds. All entry points will need to be sealed. Then use live traps or call professional pest control.
3. Raccoons. Raccoons are extremely crafty. Their strength and expert climbing abilities make it easy for them to get into your attic. They will get in through gaps and will also tear apart roofing materials to get inside. Your attic is the perfect environment for them to give birth. Professionals are your best bet for raccoon control. Do all you can to prevent a future problem by making necessary repairs.
4. Termites. Attics provide termites with an endless supply of free wood. They prefer old wood, unsealed wood or wood that is rotting. Signs of termites include piles of sawdust and loose insect wings. You may also notice mud tubes. You can use boric acid or diatomaceous earth for natural solutions. There are also chemical solutions, but you really do need professional help when you discover you’re dealing with termites.
5. Birds. You may end up with birds in your attic if you home is poorly maintained. Birds will use broken roof vents or walls to get inside. Your attic is high and dry and there aren’t any predators. You may hear them or notice feathers, droppings and nests. Birds seem harmless but the droppings, feathers and food they leave behind can attract carpet beetles and flies. Call pest control and make the repairs needed to keep them out in the future.
6. Bats. Bats love warm and dry places, making your attic an ideal place for them. They only need an opening as small as half an inch to get inside. Once they are, they can stay for a long time, creating big problems. If a bat infestation goes on for too long you may end up with piles of guano, or bat droppings that will lead to all sorts of problems. Brown bats are protected by law in most states, so you will definitely need to call in the professionals.

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Prevention is always better than having to deal with a pest problem. Do all you can, but if you do suspect you’re dealing with pests in your home, contact A-Tex Pest Management.

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