Nuisance Wildlife Exclusion & Property Damage Repair

At A-Tex Pest Management, we provide all aspects of wild animal control including removal, repair and exclusion. Our comprehensive pest management system includes education, habitat modification, wildlife exclusion and removal of wildlife pests. Once we have completed the removal of unwanted animals, our professional team of wildlife experts will also repair damages and use customized prevention techniques including screening vents, installing chimney caps and closing any entry holes to reduce and remove the opportunity of unwanted encounters with wildlife.

Wildlife Property Damage Control & Repair

Wildlife including raccoon, opossums, squirrels, skunks and many other wild animals can cause major damage in and around your home including chewing and squeezing their way in. Our expert pest control specialists have the knowledge required to remove unwanted animals and repair property damage. We repair soffit, replace fascia board, replace vents, and repair roofs, ceiling and walls.

Wildlife Exclusion Service

We also offer a comprehensive wildlife exclusion service to ensure that any holes or entry points are completely sealed. In fact, it is often the case that exclusion is the only permanent solution to control your nuisance wildlife problems. All of our work is completely guaranteed to stop invading wildlife form infiltrating your home. Animals have a tendency to dig burrows around your property including under decks and patios. Once the animals are removed, opportunist animals including skunks often move in. Our animal exclusion protocol is the permanent solution to your wildlife problem.

Bird, Bat & Other Wildlife Exclusion

Squirrels and raccoon are adept at finding weak points around your home. Exclusion can also prevent other animals along with birds and bats from entering. Many wildlife issues can be resolved with the use of correct exclusion techniques. A-Tex Pest Management is the expert when it comes to control, removal and exclusion services for unwanted wildlife. Our programs are designed to clean up the mess and repair any damage that unwanted visitors have caused in your home. When you contact the experienced wildlife technicians at A-Tex Pest Management you can be sure that we will get the job done right the first time. Once we have the wild animals trapped, we will customize an exclusion plan to prevent re-entry into your home.

Prevention & Control of Wildlife

Prevention is often the key to success and our technicians have the training and knowledge to prevent damage in advance by inspecting your home, repairing existing damage and applying animal exclusion protocols. If left to their own devices, unwanted wildlife can create structural damage, fires; and bring disease and parasites into your home.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Repair & Exclusion in Greater Austin Texas

For more information on wildlife removal, repair and exclusion contact the experts at A-Tex Pest Management today and speak with a customer service representative to schedule your inspection. All of our exclusion and repair work carries a standard three-year warranty. Don’t live with uninvited guests in your home. Contact us today for a wildlife removal and exclusion protocol that you can trust.

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