How to Keep Roaches, Bugs, Rodents & Other Pests that Can Make You Sick Out of Your Greater Austin TX Home

Just about every household has suffered through a pest problem of some description. In fact many pests go unnoticed until they start to cause issues that can’t be ignored. But what if the pests in your home are putting you and your family at risk of disease? Young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible…

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Interesting Termite Facts; Termites Work All Day & Queens Can Lay an Egg Every 15 Seconds!

Everyone knows termites are detrimental to homes. They can infest and destroy your home and many times you don’t even know it until it is too late. But besides being annoying and destructive tiny critters, they serve ecological growth and have some truly fascinating facts surrounding them. A-Tex Pest Management would like to relate some…

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