Where Do Carpenter Ants Nest & How Do I Get Rid of Ant Infestations in My Jonestown, TX House?

Ants are notorious for their never-ending numbers, painful pinches that remind you of their presence, as well as pilfering of fallen crumbs. Carpenter ants are common in Texas among the countless types of ants in the area and can be detrimental to your home. Since they are frequently discovered infesting wooden structures and possessions, carpenter…

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What Bugs Come Out in the Spring in West Lake Hills, TX? Flying Ants, Swarming Termites & More

Spring time is always most looked forward to, especially after a harsh winter and cold temperatures have become unbearable. Warm spring weather provides more opportunities for outdoor activities like picnics, barbeques and baseball games. Here in Texas, spring is also a popular time for a new swarm of insects to come out and attempt to…

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