Western Encephalitis Mosquito Control

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Western Encephalitis Mosquito Diseases

A-Tex Pest Management offers mosquito control service to commercial and residential customers in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas, including the Western Encephalitis Mosquito. Preferring to feed on birds, these mosquitoes will still bite other animals including people and can potentially spread disease, such as St. Louis encephalitis and more recently, West Nile virus. Western Encephalitis Mosquito are recognizable with their distinctive white band of scale patterns and the legs have white banding on each side of the joints. Males primarily feed on the nectar, and though the females also feed on the nectar. They will perch on a host to consume blood for protein in order to produce eggs. They need standing water to lay their eggs so removing standing water goes a long way to mosquito prevention in your yard.

Western Encephalitis Mosquito Inspections, Control & Prevention in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you have a mosquito problem on the grounds or inside your home or business in Austin, Texas, contact A-Tex Pest Management to ensure you are not threatened by the potential diseases they carry.

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