Carpenter Ants Identification, Property Damage, Prevention & Signs These Insects Are in Your Pflugerville, TX House

Carpenter ants are some of the most destructive insects that can invade your home. They are often confused with termites, but have some distinct differences that set them apart from their fellow wood destroying friends. Keeping carpenter ants out of your home is a goal all homeowners should strive for. A-Tex Pest Management is here…

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Common Termite Species Found in Austin, TX; Inspection & Treatment of Subterranean, Western Drywood & Desert Dampwood Termites

There are a number of termite species that affect the Texas region. The three main offenders of termite species are the Subterranean Termites, Western Drywood Termites, and the Desert Dampwood Termites. We want you to know about the main species of termites found in Texas homes. As most know, termites are one of the most…

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