House Cricket Control

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Why Do I Have House Crickets in My Home?

A-Tex Pest Management knows the crickets invading homes and businesses in the greater Austin, Texas area including house crickets. House crickets are the most common of crickets to enter homes, hence their name. They come in to escape the harsh wild and have convenient food, water, and other commodities. By rubbing their front wings together, the ever annoying chirp is designed to attract a willing female.

House Cricket Identification

House crickets are a yellowish brown color bearing three dark cross bands across their head, having six legs, long wings and thin antennae. These little crickets generally get to be between ¾” – 7/8” long. Being nocturnal, house crickets will hide in dark, but warm places during the day and feed on plants as well as living or dead insects including other crickets. Once inside they will damage fabric excessively. Additionally, house crickets can be found at dumpsites.

House Cricket Inspections, Control & Removal in Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville, Cedar Park & Austin Texas

If you have house crickets or other unwanted pests invading your home or business in the Greater Austin Texas area, call the professionals of A-Tex Pest Management today! After a thorough pest inspection, we can recommend a custom treatment plan designed especially for your needs!

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