How to Get Rid of Stinging Insects in Pflugerville, TX; Puss Moth Caterpillars, Paper Wasps, Africanized Killer Bees, Imported Red Fire Ants & More

Texas is home to a wide variety of stinging insects and while some of these insects are considered nothing more than nuisance pests some of them can pose serious health risks. According to the experts at the Texas A&M University, bees, wasps, and ants are responsible for between 40 to 100 deaths each year in…

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Identification of Ground Mining, Sweat & Digger Bees, Hornets, Cicada Killers, Yellow Jackets & Other Wasps in Round Rock, TX

Flying stinging insects are commonly associated with bees, hornets, and wasps. When bees come to mind, many people think of the pleasant taste of honey and their pollinating activities. Wasps and hornets are immediately considered an aggressive flying critter sent to destroy human kind. Wasps, hornets, and bees are responsible for delivering unpleasant stings, which…

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Small Black Bugs on Dogs or Cats in Cedar Park, TX? Pests Attracted to Pets Such as Fleas, Ticks, Kissing Bugs & More

Throughout Texas there are plenty of pests that the locals need to be concerned over. Some are even considered beneficial, but for the most part, pests are nothing more than a nuisance at best. With the various arachnids, insects, and wildlife around, knowledge is half the battle in quashing infestations and avoiding them altogether. A-Tex…

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