Brown Dog Tick Removal

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Brown Dog Tick Habitat & Diseases

A-Tex Pest Management experienced and equipped to deal with the ticks that infiltrate your Austin, Texas home or business. Brown Dog Ticks are one of the species of ticks that can be impacting your life. Though Brown Dog Ticks can feed on any mammal and human, they prefer canines. The Brown Dog Tick is the most likely to be in your home and businesses, like kennels for example. The Brown Dog Tick is one of the most widely distributed ticks in the world, possibly because it can complete its entire life cycle indoors. These ticks thrive in warm, protected areas. Like your home, and with a convenient meal source, Brown Dog Ticks can quickly multiply. Like all ticks they are tiny and invasive but can transmit various diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as well as transmit canine ehrlichiosis and babesiosis to dogs.

Brown Dog Tick Inspections, Control & Treatment in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you have found these ticks on yourself or your pets, be sure to get medical attention and call A-Tex Pest Management to ensure all ticks and their eggs are completely exterminated in your home or business in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

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