Silverfish Infestation Control

In Austin, Texas and surrounding areas, A-Tex Pest Management takes care of the pest control needs of commercial and residential property owners. To provide professional services and expertise to the community at affordable rates, we are completely licensed and insured. A-Tex Pest Management technicians are more than qualified and proficient in industry by having the advanced training, experience, and extraordinary skills as well as the credentials necessary. Additionally, A-Tex Pest Management experts utilize high-end products and equipment exclusive to the licensed professionals to ensure maximum results. With A-Tex Pest Management you can expect a phenomenal experience consistently as we apply traditional values, high morals, and friendly customer service with every job we perform with superior execution.

Silverfish Occasional Invaders

A-Tex Pest Management manages the occasional invaders that come into your Greater Austin, Texas home or business including silverfish. The silverfish, being closely related the firebrats, appear very similar and share habits and preferences to food. Commonly known to favor starchy foods, silverfish are known to often consuming cereals and flours, but they will also consume paper, books, and fabric. If left to fester, they can contribute to quite a bit of damage. Despite the damage they are capable of causing, silverfish are relatively harmless to people and pets. Not only can professional management eliminate their presence but you can do your part by avoiding paper clutter, keeping food contained and crumbs cleaned and routinely cleaning out the storage closets where they nest.

Silverfish Infestation Inspection & Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you are experiencing a silverfish infestation in your Austin, Texas home or business or just want to avoid them, contact A-Tex Pest Management and our experts will get your commercial or residential building well protected. We offer expert pest control for all kinds of occasional invaders and other pests!

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