Pill Bug Control

A-Tex Pest Management of Austin, Texas supplies a number of pest management services to commercial and residential properties locally and in surrounding areas. We are completely licensed and insured to offer our professional expertise and services to the community at prices that are affordable. A-Tex Pest Management technicians are more than qualified to perform the services we offer having the advanced training, experience in the industry, and skills. We use high-end products and equipment that are available only to licensed professionals to ensure our customers receive effective results. With A-Tex Pest Management, we include friendly customer service, exceptional work ethics, traditional values and high morals with every service we perform with superior quality.

A-Tex Pest Management includes the extermination of pill bugs in the homes and businesses in the Greater Austin, Texas area. Pill bugs are the only crustacean to spend their whole life on land. With shells reminiscent of armor, they can shape themselves into a ball. They are about 3/4″ long and have seven pairs of legs. Children will often affectionately refer to them as Roly-Polys. They are also known as Sow Bugs and Woodlice. Pill bugs are more active at night and can live up to two years. They range in dark brown to black, oval shaped bodies, and grow up to ¾” in length. Pill bugs eat mostly rotting vegetables and prefer to live in wet locations. They are often found under damp objects and in garbage. If they dry out, they perish. They mate from May to September. Sealing cracks around your home and buildings as well as installing weather stripping and keeping lawn landscaped help prevent pill bug and other pest infestations in your residence but like other pests, you may still find unwanted pill bugs in your home.

Pill Bug Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you have any pill bugs infesting your Austin, Texas home or business, contact A-Tex Pest Management and let our experts remove them from the grounds.

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