Ant Control

Our professional pest technicians at A-Tex Pest Management are able to identify which species of ant or ants are invading your property. Although most ants are considered just a nuisance, some species are aggressive and can bite or sting when they feel threatened. Others still can contaminate the food in your pantry that is intended for your family, not pests.

Ant Control

If you suspect ants are living around your property, it is necessary to schedule ant control services immediately. Because ants are small and often live in your lawn or unseen areas, are prolific breeders and live in large colonies, regular treatments and follow up visits are required. Like cockroaches, ants can transmit diseases after walking through feces and other contaminants. In large numbers, ants can damage your garden, eat through insulation, fabric and even kill smaller animals.

Ant Anihilation

A-Tex Pest Management will eradicate any ant colonies and nests located on your property. Our local pest technicians knowing the different types of ants found in Austin. We are familiar with their food preferences and habits. We can design personalized ant control treatments and preventions, tailored specifically to combat the ant species that live in and around your property.

Ant Prevention

A-Tex Pest Management will show you how to prevent ants by eliminating some of the attractants that appeal to ants such as standing water and moisture near your home. We recommend that all holes and cracks around your property be sealed. We remind you to dispose of all of your garbage regularly and to store it away from your home. Keep all food inside your home in sealed containers as ants can actually smell and track food from far distances.

Types of Ants

There are many different types of ants found throughout the Greater Austin area. This is one reason why regular inspections and treatment of ant control from A-Tex Pest Management is necessary for the health and protection of your family. We will discuss the different types of ants that you may encounter in your home or business such as:
Fire ants – also known as red ants or stinging ants. After biting or stinging, fire ants cause a painful burning sensation. Some people suffer from allergic reactions. Fire ants nest in soil and build mound nests but they also tend to infest garages and storage buildings.
Carpenter ants – earn their name from excavating wood in order to build nests. They enter homes through wet, damaged wood but may soon move on to attacking dry, undamaged wood thereby causing extensive damage to your home’s structure and belongings.
Pharaoh ants – prefer sugary foods like honey and corn syrup but can eat their way through almost any material including fabric and rubber. Are a serious pest in food establishments, rest homes, apartments, hotels and hospitals where they can access open wounds and cause infections.
Rover ants – colonies nest in soil and leaf litter, often under rocks and stones.
Acrobat ants – nest in branches and cavities of trees, stumps and rotten logs. They also reside in the wood porches and eaves around your home.
Crazy ants – nest in trash, refuse, rotten wood, in soil under objects and in cavities of plants and trees.
Argentine ants – build super colonies with hundreds of queens. They live in concrete walls, between boards and timbers. This invasive species displaces local species that are beneficial to native plants.

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