How to Keep Raccoons Away from Your House & Deter this Wildlife from Pooping & Nesting in Your Lost Creek, TX Yard

There are many wild animals that are so adorable, it makes you almost want to keep one as a pet. Most people know that wild animals don’t make good pets, furthermore, they aren’t even really something that you want showing up in your yard at all. Usually when they are coming around your yard, they…

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How to Identify a False Black Widow Spider in The Hills, TX & Home Pest Sealing to Keep Spiders Away

Throughout Texas and in many place across the U.S., false black widow spiders have been well known to invade homes and populate the yard. At first glance, most people will mistake them for a black widow spider. False black widow spiders are less dangerous than black widow spiders but just like black widows, false black…

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How to Get Rid of Roof Rats in Barton Creek, TX; Identification, Prevention, Home Pest Sealing, Rodent Control & More

Roof rats can be a year around problem but come the fall season, they grow more bold and will attempt to invade homes and other human structures. Roof rats are great climbers and will climb up walls and trees to access buildings. For those prone to roof rat invasions, A-Tex Pest Management will share how…

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