Daddy Long Legs AKA Harvestmen in Pflugerville, TX Aren’t Spiders But They Are Arachnids!

If you grew up thinking that daddy long legs are spiders, you are certainly not alone. Scientifically speaking the daddy long legs or harvestmen is not a spider but belongs to an entirely different species altogether, called Opiliones. Daddy long legs are often misidentified because of their resemblance to spiders with their small oval shaped…

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Pavement Ant Infestations in Your Cedar Park, TX House & Yards; Identification, Signs & More

Just like their namesake pavement ants are most often found in cracks of pavement, bricks, patio blocks and many other small outdoor crevices. Pavement ants are considered a nuisance pest and will often make their way inside residential homes and commercial buildings in search of food. Once they have established themselves inside they will build…

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