Asian Lady Beetle Control

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Asian Lady Beetle VS Ladybug

A-Tex Pest Management helps homes and businesses deal with their Asian Lady Beetle infestations. Asian lady beetles are more commonly known as ladybugs but with one huge difference. Asian lady beetles are quite aggressive and their bites can break the skin! They typically invade homes or businesses during the fall when temperatures start to drop. Looking for shelter and warmth, these lady beetles will slip in through the cracks looking for a place to hibernate. Typically, the Asian Lady Beetles are considered beneficial in controllable numbers as they will consume aphids, mealybugs, and scale insects that harm crops and gardens. Though they are beneficial outdoors, few homeowners and business owners tolerate their presence inside.

Life Cycle of the Asian Lady Beetle

Within 1-2 months, the Asian Lady Beetle experiences four life cycles; egg, larval, pupal, and finally adulthood. A ladybug beetle that is fertile can easily produce up to 1,000 eggs and have the eggs hatched within 5 days. The females will often lay their eggs on cluster, underneath a plant leaf or a twig which infested with their prey; aphids or scales. The eggs are laid in the spring or as late as early summer. Once hatched, the ladybug beetle is larvae, described as resembling that of tiny alligators. The larvae will devour the prey insects and if food is scarce they will eat the un-hatched eggs. While in the larvae stage, they experience four instars, each time molting as they become larger; this takes 1-2 weeks to complete. Depending on the circumstances and the habitat, the pupal stage will last 3-12 days in which they are in a resting stage just before becoming adults. Once they have achieved adulthood, the Asian Lady Beetle will begin hunting for prey, and if need be the remaining larvae. They will be active until the fall, where they will look for warm and secure places to hibernate, often attics.

Asian Lady Beetle Inspection & Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

Where Asian lady beetles are beneficial to gardens in the Greater Austin, Texas area, they can also be an unwelcome nuisance, and if given the opportunity, the ladybug beetles can simply lay their eggs inside your home after hibernation given the opportunity. And as mentioned above, Asian lady beetles bites can break the skin! Be sure to make any repairs on your home that can give them entry and contact A-Tex Pest Management to remove the infestation from your home business’s property.

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