Rice Weevil Control

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How to Get Rid of Rice Weevils

A-Tex Pest Management treats the many pantry pests that are found in commercial and residential properties, including rice weevils. Rice weevils can reach just over 1/8” long by adulthood. Their bodies are primarily a reddish brown color and their wings have faint yellow or red patterns on them. Their snouts can make up 1/4th of their length and they feature deep irregular pits behind their heads. Their destructive feeding habits make these pests more of a nuisance than harmful. Despite their name, rice weevils will feed on a variety of grain-based products such as corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, and rye as well as processed cereal goods and pasta noodles. To spot an infestation, you will see exit holes in packaged food and even discover adult weevils traversing the food as well as dead weevils.

Rice Weevil Identification, Signs, Bites & Pest Control in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

From pantry pests like the rice weevil and other interior pests such as occasional invaders to exterior pests such as scorpions and stinging insects; contact A-Tex Pest Management for all your pest control needs.

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