Pest Control Questions & Answers

A-Tex Pest Management provides a number of pest control services to commercial businesses and residential homes to the Greater Austin, Texas area. Since 2002 we have been locally owned and operated and completely licensed and insured to dutiful apply our trade to many people being inflicted by the many pests found in Texas. A-Tex Pest Management technicians have advanced training, years of experience, and skills to perform our pest management services. With the use of high-end equipment and tools, A-Tex Pest Management experts deliver premium results, all the while of upholding high moral standards and family-friendly customer service.

Pest Control Questions & Answers

A-Tex Pest Management has a multitude of questions asked by our commercial and residential customers of Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help answer the questions you may have. If your question is not listed, always feel welcome in contacting A-Tex Pest Management friendly staff and we will happily answer them.
Question: Are your pest control products safe?
Answer: A-Tex Pest Management is concerned about pets and children. All of our effective products are United States EPA registered, and our technicians always perform safe application to keep your pets and children out of harm’s way. Before application it is more effective to ensure no food is left exposed, and as much of the toys, clothing and other items are moved out from the walls to apply the products more efficiently. Our products will not stain carpets or other surface areas.
Question: Isn’t “do it yourself” pest control just as effective as professional application?
Answer: Not in the least. There are countless examples as to why investing in professional assistance is more beneficial than doing it yourself and pest control is one of the many industrial trades that should be executed by a professional. A-Tex Pest Management uses potent products not available to unlicensed persons. We have the training and experience to deal with common issues and unique circumstances, but above all using A-Tex Pest Management professional for your pest control is safer and more effective than the DIY.
Question: Can I purchase products from A-Tex Pest Management and apply it myself?
Answer: No. Governed by law, licensed pest control products are not legally distributed to unlicensed persons.
Question: How long do pest treatments take?
Answer: There are too many variables to give a solid answer depending on how big the building is and how large the yard is, and what pest(s) are being dealt with. During the consultation process we can happily inform you on the duration of the procedure.
Question: Does A-Tex Pest Management require a quarterly contract for regular maintenance?
Answer: A-Tex Pest Management does not require a contract for regular maintenance; however, many of our long term customers are utilizing our varied maintenance programs.
Question: If I am planning some major renovations, spring cleaning or carpet cleaning, is it optimal to request pest control treatment before or after?
Answer: A-Tex Pest Management recommends after for maximum results.
Question: What pests does A-Tex Pest Management treat?
Answer: A-Tex Pest Management offers pest contro services targeting nuisance wildlife, rodents, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, bees, wasps, fleas, ticks, spiders, scorpions, and the occasional pest invaders control to name a few.
Question: Besides from looking grotesque, can pests cause any real concerns?
Answer: Absolutely! Termites and carpenter ants, for example, are responsible for millions of dollars of property damages to commercial businesses and residential homes. Cockroaches can flare allergy symptoms; induce asthma, and spread disease, bacteria, and germs. In most cases pests can impose substantial damage to structures and items, and potentially spread diseases, cause allergies, and even deliver venom in a bite or sting.

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There countless questions regarding pest control, and we can write volumes answering them. These are merely the most frequently asked. As previously mentioned A-Tex Pest Management professionals can answer any of your questions. Contact our friendly staff and someone will be delighted to assist you.

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