Sawtooth Grain Beetle Control

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Are Sawtoothed Grain Beetles Harmful?

A-Tex Pest Management takes care of the pantry pests in Austin, Texas homes and businesses including the Sawtooth Grain Beetle. The sawtooth grain beetle is a common pest found in the pantry, infesting many of the stored products. They reach 1/8” long, have flat bodies, and have six tiny projections on both sides behind the head. Sawtooth grain beetles prefer the dark and are flightless. Despite their name, they do not infest whole grains, but rather gain access in the tiny cracks of broken kernels. These nasty pests will also consume cereal, flour, pet food, and birdseed, nuts, spices, chocolates and tobacco. Even though sawtoothed grain beetles do not carry diseases, the damage they do to stored products and grains create harborage for bacterium and fungi. Infested dry goods should be thrown away rather than consumed.

Sawtooth Grain Beetle Inspection, Prevention, Control & Extermination in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you have saw tooth grain beetles in your Greater Austin, Texas commercial or residential pantry, contact A-Tex Pest Management and let our skilled experts help you remove the infestation and help implement preventative maintenance protocols. Our specialists will not only apply effective products, but we will also share tips on what you can do in addition to professional assistance.

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