Roof Rat Rodent Control, Removal & Exclusion

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What Does a Roof Rat Look Like?

Commercial businesses and residential homes in the Greater Austin, Texas area are susceptible to roof rats. Roof rats range in an assortment of colors from brown with black blending into its coat and variations of gray, white and black. Their fur is soft and smooth and feature a pointed muzzle, large eyes and ears, which are nearly fur-less. The body of the roof rat is generally 6”-8” and the tail is an additional 7”-10” long. They weigh between 5 and 12 ounces. They are a threat to people and structures, by invading buildings and inflicting damage foraging for food and constructing nests and spread illnesses and contaminate food.

Where Do Roof Rats Come From & Where Do They Live During the Day?

The Texas roof rat is so named because of their incredible ability to climb and traverse the roof tops of buildings, usually finding entry to the buildings by vents, utility lines, or damage within the rooftop. Outside, roof rats can be found nesting above ground, in trees and in dense vegetation. Inside they are usually in the attic, just above ceilings, behind walls, and in the top areas of cabinets.

Professional Rodent Control

The roof rats are found throughout the country, but are more of a problem in the southern states, particularly near seaports. In most cases, roof rats invade Austin, Texas homes and businesses in an effort to find food, water, and to escape intense weather conditions. Rat control can be difficult for those without any formal training, as due to their attributes, can be fairly hard to find and exterminate. A-Tex Pest Management is well versed in roof rats, and can take care of the problem quickly and effectively.

Roof Rat Prevention & Inspection

Prevent roof rats from infiltrating your home or business of Austin, Texas and surrounding areas by following these A-Tex Pest Management Tips:
– Inspect the roof and replace or repair any missing, damaged, or loose roof shingles and ensure the chimney, if applicable, has a tight fitting cap.
– Ensure all outdoor trash can lids are closed, well secured and placed a fair distance away from your home. Clean them out periodically as well.
– Keep bushes and trees pruned and trimmed away from the house, as this gives roof rats easy access.
– Caulk and/or weather strip windows and doors as needed.
– Evaluate the vents and ensure they have tight fitting covers on them.
– Keep human and pet food well sealed in air tight containers and avoid leaving food debris out for long periods of time.

Roof Rat Rodent Control, Removal & Exclusion in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Pflugerville & Cedar Park, Texas

If you believe your Austin, Texas home or business is inflected with roof rats, A-Tex Pest Management has proven techniques and methods to eradicate them from the premises. Call us today to get started!

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