Squirrels can be a nuisance, and squirrel removal specialists like A-Tex Pest Management can rid your homes of squirrels and prevent additional squirrel problems. Squirrels are known for making scratching and scurrying noises in ceilings and walls during the daytime, typically at dawn, when they are leaving their nests to look for food. You may also find small holes in your siding or gutters where squirrels and gaining entry into your structure. If you hear noises in your attic during the daytime, there is a good chance you have a squirrel infestation. Squirrels are diurnal animals, meaning that they remain active all year around in Austin. Typically, they build their nests in trees. During the winter, they usually prefer nesting in holes of decaying tree branches.

Squirrels will enter Austin homes and buildings for shelter and nesting. They commonly use attics as their den sites and have a couple of litters each year. If squirrel removal is not implemented immediately when the squirrel problem is first identified, the population of squirrels living in or around a building will continue to multiply.

Squirrel Control

The most effective method of squirrel removal is trapping. A-Tex Pest Management will set traps to catch the squirrels around your home or business. When possible, we will relocate the squirrels to other areas, far from home. Quick and efficient removal of squirrels is necessary in order to prevent long term damage. Contact A-Tex Pest Management immediately to remove any existing squirrels and prevent future squirrels in your home.

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