How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Austin, TX; Best Backyard Mosquito Control Methods

Summertime in Texas and being outside means you will likely get bit by a passing mosquito. The warmer the temperatures, the faster mosquitoes are able to evolve through their life cycle. During the hot summers they are notorious for ruining backyard fun. By applying a few tips and some of the advice we at A-Tex Pest Management have supplied below for you, you can get through the rest of mosquito season with a little more peace as they will help significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your backyard.

How to Protect Your Loved Ones from Mosquitoes

Avoid Stagnant Water Where Mosquitoes Lay Eggs: Stagnant water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. If they cannot find it in your backyard, they will move on until they do. Eliminating the potential nurseries will significantly reduce the mosquitoes lounging in your backyard. Routinely remove water from potted plants, even puddles, and rain gutters. Additionally consider removing birdbaths and garden ponds.
Mosquito Bug Lights: Making summer nights unbearable, mosquitoes will swarm to a light source. Start replacing any incandescent or LED bulbs with a yellow bug light in an effort to make the outdoor porch lights less mosquito-friendly. Though you will not completely remove the mosquitoes, replacing the light will remarkable reduce your chances of attracting a swarm with this mosquito application.
Fans Help Prevent Mosquitoes: One of the more popular proven effective forms of mosquito control is to utilize an oscillating fan. Because mosquitoes can smell the carbon dioxide, one of the primary chemicals mosquitoes find most attractive, given off in the breath of their victim’s breath, they can easily find humans. Making humans harder to detect, the oscillating fans serve as protection because they disperse the carbon dioxide. By simply switching on the fan, consumers can often tackle their mosquito problem.
Filtered Pools: If an influx of mosquitoes are surrounding your pool it is likely that it is making it difficult enjoy a day in your yard. Performing basic maintenance can help you reclaim that space. Having a running pool filter that operates at high efficiency along with the use of a pool cover to stop mosquitoes before they can even go into the water; can avoid mosquito eggs from being laid in your pool.
Yard Maintenance Deters Mosquitoes: Additionally, maintaining your yard and using mosquito treatments on any foliage is another preventative step in avoiding mosquito infestations. Seeking refuge in bushes, trees and even weeds, mosquitoes will often seek refuge in these places and by clearing any overgrowth will help prevent them from finding a new home in your yard. Remaining plants should be sprayed once a month with insecticide, or essential oils on both the top and underside of leaves.

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In conjunction with the above mentioned tips, having professional preventative maintenance as well as professional assistance in the event you currently have an ant infestation can remove the problem. With A-Tex Pest Management helping you with your mosquito control, we can significantly minimize any run-ins your backyard fun may have with mosquito encounters. Call us today to get started.

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