Venomous Biting & Stinging Pests in Leander, TX; Scorpions, Black Widow & Brown Recluse Spiders, Fire Ants & More

One of the biggest reasons that people have a fear of pests are the frightening look of them … and the fact that they don’t want pests touching them. Many of the pests that you may encounter could be potentially harmful because of their venomous sting or bite. In the state of Texas there are some venomous pests that you can come across on a regular basis and knowing what to look for is a great way to protect yourself. Fortunately, most of the stinging and biting pests don’t have enough venom to cause serious damage to a person unless they have an allergic reaction to that pest. In such an instance, you need to get help from a medical professional.

A-Tex Pest Management Lists the Most Common Biting & Stinging Venomous Pests Found in Texas

Scorpions: If you have spent enough time in Texas you have learned that you need to shake out your shoes or boots before you put them on for the day. This is because the inside of a shoe is a great place for a scorpion to hide. Once you slide that shoe on, the scorpion can become frightened and will sting. The most common scorpion you may find is the striped bark scorpion and their venom is enough to cause some pain. It can be pain at the site of the sting or it can be pain in the belly and cause some trouble breathing. Scorpions have that long curved tail with a stinger on the end that has venom in it. When they strike you will feel it. Watch out for vegetation and leaves around your home where these scorpions could be hiding.
Spiders: No matter the size, shape or color of a spider, people have a fear of them! They are a creepy arachnid in the same family as a scorpion. There are many species in the state of Texas but two of them are more venomous and potent than any other. The top spider to be cautious is the brown recluse. They are known for their violin shaped mark on their head and back. They are a large brown spider and when they bite it can be very painful. The problem with their bite is that it could take a few days for the swelling and pain to occur, and the area can become a large sore called an ulcerating lesion. The other common venomous spider is the black widow! Everyone knows about black widows and the way to tell them apart from other spiders. They have a red hourglass shape on their underside. Their bite is also dangerous especially to children and elderly. The pain from a black widow bite could last several hours!
Fire Ants: Most of the time a colony of fire ants are quite large and they tend to be the most aggressive of all the ants. They are a brown and red color and reach about an eighth of an inch in length. The problem occurs when a person walks near a colony of fire ants or steps on them. You most commonly will end up with more than one bite because when they feel threatened they will go on the attack. Fire ants do bite but it is only to get a grip so that they can then sting and inject a toxic alkaloid venom called Solenopsin. This resulting sting can be painful and cause blisters and irritation.

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