Rainy Season in Leander, TX; Insects, Rodents & Pests that Come Out After Heavy Rain

There are different types of weather that you will see throughout the year. During season changes the temperature will drop or rise and the type of adverse weather changes as well. There are times that dry weather is extreme and other times of the year that you may see lots of rain and moisture in the air. When the weather is changing you want to be cautious about what that means for the pests that are around your home. When it comes to rain and excess moisture you will notice a change. The rain can come in any time of the year. There is a monsoon season that brings lots of rain while there are downpours in the middle of the summer and even moments in the winter that are not cold enough to allow snow. The rain can come and go and you want to make sure you know what that means for the pests that might start to invade your home.

A-Tex Pest Management Explains How Rainy Weather Can Affect Insects & Pests Around Your House

What Types Of Pests Can’t Stay in Heavy Rain: There are always pests that like certain times of the year because of the weather that comes with it. The summer and warmer months are good for pests that need to lay their eggs and survive into adulthood. With that said there are some that cannot stand the rain and it does damage to their house. When you have a downpour of rain the ground will become saturated which is not good for ants to name one. Ants live in the ground and build their tunnels. As the rain falls the ground becomes too wet and the tunnels will start to collapse. If this happens the ants will come out to look for a dry patch to stay. This can likely be your home causing an infestation of ants. Another pest that is a problem when it rains are mice. They do not want to be wet and will scurry away trying to find a place to stay dry.
Insects & Pests that Can Stay in the Rain: There are of course pests that hate the rain but on the other hand there are some that need the rain to survive. Mosquitoes will actually use the rain water that is collecting to lay their eggs that need the water to survive. It is also true that ticks and even fleas like the moisture and humidity and can be more trouble in those times. You want to make sure you are careful when you have rain puddles and water around your home.
How to Prevent Pest Infestations when it Rains: The rain brings out some pests whether they are surviving or they are trying to get in your house. You want to make sure you know what to do about it. Of course keeping up on your pest control services is one way to combat pests all year but you can do more too. Be sure that you make ways for the water to evaporate or soak into the ground quickly. Be sure to empty any flower pots, old tires and any other item that can hold standing water.

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If you start to see a pest infestation of any kind after rain it is important to call out your pest control company. A-Tex Pest Management can come out to your home to ensure that it is ready for any kind of weather. We can get rid of existing pests and prevent future ones from infesting your residence. Call us today!

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